Bruce Riotutar

Bought one in Pismo Beach my wife keeps it in her range rover she has used it twice so far to jump a van and a truck by her self no problem works GREAT!

Robert Beroza

I haven’t needed it, which is a good thing. I wanted it for an emergency. I really like the way CS Battery Saver stays in touch with its customers. It gives me the feeling that they truly care about me. As for the product, you can tell by just the way it’s and is packaged […]

Robert B.

Tester is working great, wish I could get two more for the price I paid at Barrett Jackson, Scottsdale. Just have to wait till next year.

Ron H.

Purchased a 48V 50W Charger Maintainer at Fountain Hill Concours in February. Installed it on my Club Car golf cart. It’s keeping the batteries charged in top condition. Plus no more acid all over the place that my original charger made batteries put out.

Gary Lindsey

I just purchased a micro-start xp-10 and after fully charging it I received two truckloads of cars which over half had dead batteries. I jumped 8 cars in a row and it still showed full. So, I decided to see how many I could start without a charge. WOW—25 that day and my buddies could […]

John L Fort Jr

I love my battery saver. I have an 5 year old battery and when I first installed the new Battery Saver I checked my battery and it was down to 12.4 so I Deep Cycled Mode for three days and then I put it on charge and checked back in 24 hrs and the battery […]

Guy Larsen

Battery Saver just saved the restoration battery in my '71 Vette. Brought it back from dead to full strength. After process on “Deep Cycler” it is now holding 13.5 volts steady. Running another one through the process to pick it up also. Old charger model couldn't do that. Battery Saver lives up to its name!