Exploring Deep Battery Recovery

Technology designed to do what other chargers can’t…completely revive and restore dead batteries.

Resurrection BatteryThe battery rescue feature is a unique and quite amazing addition to our line of products. It allows you to connect one of our Chargers/Maintainers to a battery that any other charging device would register as dead or unchangeable and will actually bring that battery back to life through a series of pulses and deep charging. The result is a battery brought back from the dead. The process can take some time depending on just how bad the condition of the battery is. It is completely automatic, no buttons or switches.

Completely automatic, no buttons or switches.

The way this technology works is based on the algorithm in our microprocessor to break down the sulphate on the plates and cycle the battery in order to circulate the sulfuric acid and water inside the battery.

Batteries at different levels of sulfation. As they get older of if they are abused sulfation kills batteries.

Sulpher MoleculeBattery Saver™ has a computer algorithm that addresses “battery stratification.” Periodically we slightly increase voltage output to produce small bubbles in the battery, this process is known as “burping” or controlled gassing of the battery. The small bubbles work to help mix up the sulphuric acid and water keeping the battery electrolyte more evenly balanced. The process happens automatically in vehicles and now it is also programmed into our microprocessor. This process of “burping” is why AGM, GEL, Spiral Cell, and Dry Cell batteries were introduced years ago. All of these newer technology batteries work in different manners to keep the sulphur and water without stratifying. They all advertise longer storage life because they physically keep the two components from separating at a much slower rate. By burping your standard lead acid batteries we also improve their shelf life when they are instorage and not being “burped” by the vehicle’s alternator or generator.